18 June 2011

Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour Premieres

Britney's back and she means business!

Last night Britney Spears kicked off her Femme Fatale Tour in Sacramento, California.

This crowd was certainly composed of women in their twenties who were huge Britney fans back in the day and any poor husbands or boyfriends they managed to con into tagging along.

Britney herself was excited for the show to debut and tweeted, "It's Opening Night BITCH!!!!...... -Britney" So glad she stated her name or nobody would have figured out who it was. Here's a little glimpse at the show itself....

Oops She Did It Again....do we really need to be seeing Britney vertically assault more poles? I enjoy a lot of Britney's songs even to this day, but I don't really want to see a 29 year old woman thrusting, spreading, and bending every which way.

Spears played a 22 song set ranging from some old classics such as Toxic to her new smash hit Till the World Ends. The performance was well received by the media for the most part, and Carla Meyer from the Sacramento Bee said "The sellout crowd -- composed mainly of young women who were kids when Spears was a teen star -- thrilled from the start to Spears' stellar pop songs." Britney herself seems to pumped and ready for the next show and even tweeted after the concert, "Can't sleep. WAY too much Adrenaline right now. Sacramento was on fire tonight. You ready San Jose? Cause I am!!!!" Well let's just hope her tour isn't as "toxic" as this brief clip appeared.

Source: Radar Online

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Rezdown7 said...

walah...english semua nih...
kagak ngerti eyyyyy (*_*"
yg penting salam kompak n sukss sll mas brooo

seleb-online said...


kekekek bisa aja mas bro

hanifan said...

gw dulu suka britney, tp setelah gw tau kecantikannya berasal dari oplas. ga jadi ngidolain d.

seleb-online said...


wkwkwkwk biasa gan klo artis mah

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