19 June 2011

Do Superman and Batman Not Want You to Know If Green Lantern Is God-Awful?

How far would a movie studio go to distract you from a confounding trailer? From a bad review?

Would it sign Russell Crowe in order to make noise for one of its highest-profile franchises?

Would it enlist Liam Neeson to do the same for another of its A-list projects?

Before Conspiracy Corner weighs in, let's tell you how we spent the last few days.

On Wednesday, we hunkered down in front of the latest GL trailer. We told ourselves we would remember how excited our kid self would be if a visitor from the future told us Hollywood would spend $300 million to make and promote a superhero movie, and forget we never thought of Hal Jordan as more than the beefcake Justice Leaguer with the great hair.

Above all, we promised, we would not become confused or overwhelmed by the trailer's dedication to Green Lantern's obscure (to us) space-alien mythology.

We would pay attention! We would decide, once and for all, if the movie was worthy of our hard-earned thousands!

Then news of Man of Steel's Crowe coup blew in, and we got so excited we never got back to the pinkish-purple dude with the strong forehead.

On Thursday, we hunkered down in front of Rotten Tomatoes. We told ourselves we'd read all the advance Green Lantern reviews, without prejudice, and without jumping to conclusions, even if the film's Tomatometer was colder than Mr. Popper's Penguins'.

We would decide, once and for all…

Well, you know the rest. And you know what happened next, too.

Yes, HitFix reported Neeson was reprising his Batman Begins character for The Dark Knight Rises, and we got so excited we never got to back to why exactly Rolling Stone thinks GL is "a new primer on how not to make a comicbook movie."

So, back to the original question: Does Conspiracy Corner think the studio behind Green Lantern, which is the same studio behind Man of Steel and Dark Knight Rises, would create chaos in order to prevent fanboys and girls from reaching an informed opinion on Ryan Reynolds' hair before the close of box-office business on Sunday?

We have no idea.

We've been so distracted lately.

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Ikada News said...

wow mantab nis sobbb

seleb-online said...

@Ikada News
film y dah ada gan klo green lantern

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