22 June 2011

Lindsay Lohan Shoots Commercial While Under House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan is doing a surprisingly great job not leaving her house. She pushed the limit last week by throwing a house party on her roof, but hosting parties in open spaces while serving pumpkin seeds as hors dourves are apparently still within the rights of those who steal necklaces and drink and drive, so she didn't get in trouble.

But other than throwing house parties, little is known about how Lindsay is occupying herself. Surely she's discovered some new things over the course of her confinement, like maybe that sometimes there are prizes in cereal boxes and that if you're feeling generous, you can send the top of a cereal box back to the manufacturer and they will donate a few cents towards breast cancer research.
However, today we learned that another one of the activities she's taken up is using something called beezid.com, which is an "internet penny auction website," which also happens to be something I don't understand! But Lindsay must understand what it is, because she filmed this eighteen second commercial about it to promote it!

Wait. That must be the abridged version. Surely Lindsay wouldn't endorse something without knowing what it is! But if she knows what it is and wants us to know what it is, why didn't she describe it a bit more to us? Or even tell us what she uses it for? I mean, she has our attention! She has an ankle bracelet on! We're tracking her movements now, literally and figuratively! Why not take advantage of it and charge up that handheld camera's battery all the way and clip a microphone on to one of those pillows that spell out "LOVE" and do it right! She just tells us to check it out? And she asked to be paid $25,000 for this? Luckily, the people at beezid.com recognized that this was certainly better than Lindsay's commercial, so they decided to pay her in virtual coins that she can put towards some pillows that spell "PEACE," or whatever other kind of decor that her theft shack needs.

Source: Popeater

4 komentar:

Ikada News said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwww belahan dadanya bikin gak tahan gan wouwoo

seleb-online said...

@Ikada News

wkwkwkwkwk bilngin istri ente nih

Rezdown7 said...

brrrrrrrrr uhhhh......
mamah..... aku gak sanggup melihatnya :melotot:
akkkkk.. :D
gan saya sumbang +1,sumbg balik ke blok ane yah.. :) thanks...

seleb-online said...


bruakakakak bisa aja ente gan... oke deh ane ke katepe

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