24 June 2011

Ryan Dunn Was Intoxicated While Driving

We've suspected, we've assumed, we've even tweeted about our thoughts as to what caused the crash and death of Jackass' Ryan Dunn, and now we finally have our answer. It has now been confirmed that Dunn was intoxicated while driving his Porche on Monday morning. After an autopsy and toxicology report, it was discovered that Dunn had more than twice the legal alcohol limit in his system (his blood alcohol level was .196 while the legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08). That means Dunn had consumed at least three beers and several shots with his friends just hours before the accident occurred.

According to West Goshen Police Chief, Michael Carroll, "No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol." Both Dunn and passenger, Zachary Hartwell, died instantly by blunt force head trauma upon impact, before their vehicle burst into flames. The car was completely destroyed.

This is an awful tragedy and just reaffirms how dangerous it is to mix drinking and driving. Let's continue to promote awareness in an attempt to prevent others from meeting a fate like Dunn's.

Source: Popeater

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