24 June 2011

Brad And Angelina Might Marry in September

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have done a lot of good in their lives. I actually don't really know any of the specifics, but I know they visit orphanages and recycle and help children and rescue things and build solar powered buildings and lots of other truly amazing things that I don't do because I'm too busy sending my mom videos of the world's first dog to receive four prosthetic legs. So to my mom, I'm doing really good things, because then she gets to share the videos with her friends who are so clueless they're trying to browse the internet in their Finder windows and my mom gets to look like a hotshot for being so hip. Obviously my do-gooding doesn't compare to Angelina and Brad's do-gooding, but who cares! Even Hallmark cards come in different sizes.

Throughout all their doing good, they've never been allowed to stop talking about when they'd get married and make their six children honest. But today comes the news that apparently, they're planning to actually tie the knot in September at their estate in France, and all their children will be involved. Sounds nice, right? It sure is! But this is a pretty new development in their relationship. You see in the past, whenever a reporter has asked them if they planned to get married, they used to say things like, "we don't need marriage. We already know we want to be together forever" and "we're too busy picking up solar panels from Home Depot to plan anything." That part was fine because they made it seem like they just didn't want to do it or believed it just wasn't the lifestyle for them. Again, that was fine. But recently, they seemed on the verge of considering marriage because a few other times when they were asked if they'd ever wed, they said they would do so when gay marriage was legalized.

Now, I'm a supporter of gay marriage. Everyone should be able to do it or not do it or whatever. I just believe it should be allowed, like how wearing overalls is. And so while I also understood how Angelina and Brad were saying that marriage doesn't symbolize anything unless it's a right that everyone has, I did not agree with their failure to realize how their incredible celebrity status meant that their allegiance to a cause made the statement that people who didn't wait to get married until the legalization of gay marriage do not have any principles and do not care about the world they live in. It was also kind of shocking that they phrased their commitment to a cause (again, one that I agree with!) in such a way that it made it seem like only once gay marriage was legal would they reward the world with their union. And even if this is entire thing is out of proportion (which it seems like it is since they might end up getting married before gay marriage is legal anyway), it's peculiar how two people who are supposed to be so in tune with other people's needs wouldn't realize how superior the proclamation of their love could come across as.

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