23 June 2011

Watch Britney Spears' 'I Wanna Go' Video

Britney Spears is fed up with stupid questions and she isn't afraid to show it. The pop star's video of her latest single I Wanna Go begins with Spears entering a press conference and being asked several ridiculous questions by the paparazzi including 'Can you confirm reports that you're pregnant with Brad Pitt's love child?' and 'Britney, does this suit make me look fat?' In response to the final question - Is it true that you hate puppies? - Spears takes a page out of Cee Lo's book and replies F*** you. F*** you. F*** you while pointing at specific journalists. So just to be clear...are we to assume that she doesn't hate puppies then?

Britney continues to vent her frustration about the media throughout the video with lyrics, “Lately people have me all tied up/ There’s a countdown waiting for me to erupt.” Might I point out that she's saying all this while flashing people on the street and submitting to a police frisk a little too willingly. But yes, poor Britney for always getting so much attention from the press. I think I've heard this sob story before in her song Piece of Me. We get it, you feel misunderstood, but let's move on.

As far as music videos go, I've seen way better. For one, it was seriously lacking in choreography. I'm a big fan of having back-up dancers, so there's not just one lone person grinding on everything. For another, Britney - you're pushing 30. It may be time to hang up the slutty outfits. But the song has a good beat and the lyrics are catchy, so I"m sure it will make its way up the music charts this summer. My favorite part was where Spears has a face-off between herself and the paparazzi and her weapon of choice to destroy them is...a microphone. Talk about negative feedback.

Source: EW

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Ayi said...


seleb-online said...


apanya yg mantabb nih gan

VAN 46 said...

Keren banget gan videonya .... :) :) :)
Traffic up and comment :) :) :)

seleb-online said...

@VAN 46

emang keren gan, mantapp lah untuk BS :p

Kerja-Ngo said...

Cuit.... Cuit...... Umaaach.... Hehehehe... Kren Sob Clip nya :)

seleb-online said...


prikitiew :D

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