14 August 2011

Chinese football baby

You Chang-wan, China Qingdao, with "Love Record", "Flowers of Shanghai" and some Chinese TV series popular, Chang-wan you rise quickly from the actress in the audience recognized by the Chinese mainland. Directed by many as "aura beauty." Sophisticated and detailed facial features, almost flawless pure skin, not only frequently invited by the major magazines, but also on the international top brands of all ages, a variety of endorsement ads continuously.

Zhang Wan You get a debut on the many performance opportunities, more opportunities and front-line co-director and star, Among the new actress from the rapid rise of popular audiences;
Meanwhile, all kinds of fashion magazines are all you have to invite Ms Zhang shot the cover and inside pages of photos, Chang-wan you a lot more involved in television, a time fame, 2010s words online "expedition OL", Chang-wan you been called a new generation of gaming industry house men and women of God, the network won the super-hot popularity, as the real world and the darling of the online world. Chang-wan you frequently in "FHM", "Bazaar", "Ruili", "girlfriend" and other sexy stunning debut on the fashion magazine, sexy photo shoot large. Fashion in a large Chang-wan you to the face of pure appearance, a big show of seductive figure, fair-skinned attractive feminine dynamic show star quality, "denied" a lot of photographer's shutter.

Known as the South American powerhouse Argentina Pampas Eagle's team, has a very broad fan base. Especially in 1986, Diego Maradona's miraculous performances, but also won many Chinese fans love. You Chang-wan is a model "A fan" to force the team to win the top Argentina, Argentina, Chang-wan you wear uniforms, practicing the embodiment of the Argentine soccer team football baby, she said: "24 years failed to win the tangle, MA La Duona as head coach, the legendary strong hope that, in the glory of victory this year. "

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