14 August 2011

Survival of nude photos

Young Women's goalkeeper leaves the former Russian Linna Lei Day Bokova Pornographic recently took a group in order to become famous and attract more people concerned about women's football in this project, do not hesitate to vacuum her battle, so fans feast for the eyes. Ray Young on Bokova fame, but sad that she's golden age was 20 years old retire early, which she explained: "Everyone has their own reasons and for me, mainly do not want to put too much injury, I was a girl first, then is the athletes, as a woman, married the future, I just hope that their children can be healthy if the other reasons to say so, earned in the Women's Movement too little ... " As for why a group photo shoot, her reason is simple: "My aim is very simple, just want to become famous, I dream of 13 years old when he shot a group photo, and now finally have the opportunity to realize this dream . "The beautiful star in the sport by chance.

A child she began gymnastics in the movement is in first grade, a football coach to visit their school, watch them on physical education, a phase her. She is just home from football training fields, very close to mine so the use of spare time on Bokova football training. Wait until school let her in from gymnastics or soccer select an item, her parents made the decision to help her. Initially, Ray do on the football career on Bokova full of longing, but she soon discovered that in Russia, Women's movement was too little attention. Even if the youth national team runner-up the European Youth Championship, is still difficult to see in the newspapers in reporting on women's football, also known as the advertisers do not want to fund the campaign. Russia has even been suggested that in order to promote women's football movement, athletes should be more exposed to wear more sexy. Ray Day Bokova although not attempt this practice athletic career, but outside she was quite bold in this group of sexy photo shoot.

Ray's experience on Bokova Women's movement also reflects the current status of the embarrassment. Women's sports is not only difficult for Russia to develop, even when women's football powers like Germany, their situation remains difficult, up until a few days ago have come up with the club: "As long as you are willing to sponsor us, the girls will remove the final equipment." Unfortunately The people there are always similarities, women's football, when players can only truly become a paradise?

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